Wednesday, February 9, 2011

MUST TO EAT#11: Syabu-Syabu

Shabu-Shabu is one of Japanese hot pot with thinly sliced beef (or pork) and a variety of vegetables.

You start off by dipping a piece of thinly sliced beef into the boiled water, moving it for a while with your chopsticks,  then pick up instantly before it get stiff. 

Then, you dip the boiled meat into a special sauce, which are usually Ponzu-dare (Citrus Seasoned Sauce) or Goma-dare (roasting sesami sauce). 

Goma-dare (left), Ponzu-dare(right)
After shabu shabu, Japanese often use the remaining soup to cook ojiya (egg rice soup).
Since the soup contains extracts from meat and vegetables, it is very tasty, and will fill up your stomach.

Shabu-shabu is reckon healthy, because meat fat is partly worn away by dipping into the hot boiled water.

Also, shabu-shabu can be easily prepared at home. You only need vegetables such as hakusai(chinese cabbage) and negi(green onion) etc, and most importantly, thinly sliced beef. You can also use pork instead of beef, which is then called "buta-shabu". ("buta" is pork in Japanese)

It is more enjoyable if you have shabu-shabu with a lot of people.

Shabu-shabu is especially popular in winter, but can be eaten throughout a year.
Price of shabu-shabu vary a lot. But there are some All you can eat Shabu-shabu restaurants in Tokyo. A famous one is Mo-para or Nabezo, which is very popular among students.

Shabu-shabu is one of my favorite Japanese dish as well. 
If you are hungry and want to get warm, and something healthy, why don't you try shabu-shabu?

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