Monday, December 6, 2010


Tempura is a popular element of Japanese cuisine, and consists of a selection of fresh prawns and vegetables deep-fried in a thin layer of light and crispy batter. It is served with a traditional dipping sauce made from dashi (soup stock), soya sauce and mirin (a sweet cooking sake).

Shrimps, and a Japanese Jack Mackerel

On the other hand, Tempura is also served with salt in Japan instead of the dipping sauce.

Tempura is distinguished from many other battered and deep fried foods by being much lighter and tending to carry less grease.

Some vegetables tempura

"Kakiage": a mixture of vegetable bits and shrimp

Tempura is served at many Japanese-style restaurants. 
But since expensive ingredients and lots of oil are used, it is considered as an expensive cuisine. 

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