Thursday, December 23, 2010


 Takoyaki(octopus balls) is a famous Osaka specialty.

 “octopus balls", are dumplings made of batter, picked ginger, tenkasu, and green onion,  with octopus meat in the middle and sauce, aonori, mayonnaise, and bonito flakes sprinkled over the top.

Even though they originated in Osaka, we have takoyaki stores almost anywhere in Japan. (though the best one can be found in Okasa!) 

This the fluffy balls are also typical festival snacks that is made and sold at stalls on street.

If you are unfamiliar with eating octopus, just try it! They taste sort of plain, and chewy which you may find strange but they are still the most important element of Takoyaki.

People from Osaka often own their own takoyaki cooker and make takoyaki at home. (It looks easy, but really requires techniques!)

If you try to find takoyaki stores in Tokyo, I suggest to go to Gindako. (Wow they have an English site!)

They are one of the best takoyaki which I've ever eaten. Each Takoyaki Plate (8 balls) costs 500 yen and they also have other menu including Yakisoba (fried noodles) and Taiyaki (Japanese fish-shaped cake filled with red bean paste inside). Taiyaki is also one of Japanese favourite snacks. (Don't worry, thry don't taste anything fishy!)


If you have eaten your lunch but still feel a little hungry, just take a further step to a takoyaki store to experience the Osaka specialty! 

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