Tuesday, January 25, 2011

MUST TO SEE #10: Tokyo Tower Special Illuminations

Tokyo tower is known as a symbol of Japan as well as a tourist spot of Tokyo.
The  tower acts as a support structure for an antenna, originally intended for television broadcasting, and radio broadcast, both signals for Japanese media outlets.

At night the Tower lights up and the illumination is spectacular. It is usually in reddish orange.

But Tokyo tower also often changes its color according to seasons or special events/promotions.

For example, it has been illuminated in a pink light for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. (October 1st)

During X'mas Season, it has been illuminated in a blue light. ("Tokyo Tower Diamond Veil")

Here's a link to further color variations of Tokyo Tower that has ever illuminated.

People enjoy these visual changes of Tokyo Tower throughout a year.

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