Friday, November 26, 2010

Food in Japan: #2 Udon

Udon is commonly known Japanese dish.
They are a thick-ish pasta with a chewy sort of texture to it.

Udon is most often eaten hot with a mild soup, but can be eaten cold in the summer time.

You can eat Udon almost anywhere in Japan, but the ingredients of  a soup vary from place to place.
For example, in Kansai area, a soup tends to be milder. In some parts of Japan, Udon is eaten with a curry or with a miso (soy-bean paste) soup.

One of my favourite Udon restaurants is "Tsurutontan". They are often recognized by their big noodle bowls. (Japanese Only)

They have restaurants in central Tokyo including Roppongi and Shinjuku etc.
and these close at 8am! (NICE)
However, there is always a long line so I suggest you to avoid weekends.

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